Thoughtful musings on various topics by interesting people at Blithewold

Habitat for Fairies

Fairies need decent affordable housing too! Yesterday a group of dedicated and skilled laborers built a new fairy community on a Blithewold subdivision. The houses were constructed of green material and fit beautifully into the … Read more.

Calling all gardeners!

Mark your calendar; save the date! Blithewold’s Fall Gardener’s Day falls on September 22 this year and looks like it’s going to be a blast. Between 10 am and 3pm, workshops and demonstrations will be … Read more.

Heralds of summer

I could have sworn I heard my first cicada yesterday. It was that kind of blazing hot day you’d expect to hear a chorus of them. So maybe I heard it through wishful thinking (auditory … Read more.

…envision a world…

In a comment on my last post, a good friend of mine spoke (rather eloquently, I thought) about a dreamy, different sort of world than the one we inhabit now. He said, “i envision a … Read more.

Every day is Bloom Day!

The Annual Meeting is behind us, the (monthly) Garden Soirees are before us, visitors visit daily and the blooms must go on! I know I’m not the only one who tidies madly at home for … Read more.

Getting spiffed

This past week everyone on the staff has had a certain look on their face – a focused, single-minded and frenzied sort of glaze – because Blithewold’s Annual Meeting is tonight. And everything must. be. … Read more.