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All Hallows’ Eve

The boundary between this world and the next is said to be thin right now. – Personally I think it’s on the thin side most days but it’s good to have a reason to honor … Read more.


Just in time for Freaky Friday and Valentine’s day (I love that these days are back to back this year), my favorite Tim Burton creation, the Witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’) has just begun … Read more.

Only 6 more weeks

I have always loved Groundhog’s Day (the actual day more than the movie) because, whether Phil sees his shadow (he did this morning) or not, it signifies to me that spring is on its way … Read more.


In the middle of a cold blast, chilly on the heels of a dark and snowy Solstice storm, I’m on the lookout for Joy (‘Tis the season, Fa la la la la).  But, luckily, I … Read more.

‘Tis the gift

How many of us want to keep it simple for the holidays?  Especially now.  I, for one have been shamed out of wanting to shop by the atrocious behavior of fellow consumers.  And aren’t we … Read more.

Baubles that sparkle

I’m stuck on a baublular theme because I have to rave about what Fred and Dan have hung from the trees this year.  Each year the staff, volunteers and visitors are surprised by yet another … Read more.


‘Tis the season to hang stuff from branches – even the trees are doing it!  – Hey, maybe that’s where Martha and the rest of us got the idea…  And when the trees drop their … Read more.

Mixed greens

We’ve all been busy at Blithewold decorating for the holidays and Gail and I have had the particular pleasure of being reacquainted with the abundance of evergreens on the property.  The other day we walked … Read more.

Open season

This is it. This is when it all begins. It’s President’s Day. It’s time to sow the sweet peas! And that means the great rush and push of spring begins this week. I’m taking just … Read more.

Undoings (plus blooms)

I can’t let a 15th of any month go by anymore without a peruse for blooms for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – now a year old at May Dreams Gardens! This time of year it’s … Read more.