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Something Completely Different

Honk if foundation plantings make you cringe! There’s no doubt about it, it’s difficult to live in the world and not at least have a neighbor with Yertle the Turtle style bubble shrubberies flanking their … Read more.

Coming attractions

The guys have just about finished with “phase 1” of the Display Garden redesign. Gail and I really didn’t know how they were going to deal with a tricky grading issue in the last bed … Read more.

T.G.I.R.F. (thank goodness it’s a rainy friday)

Gail and I need a good catch-up day in the greenhouse and the rain is forcing us to stay in and get to it! There are seedlings that still need transplanting (poor stretched out, pack-bound … Read more.

On Chemistry

We are asked – fairly frequently – what do we do to make our gardens grow so lusciously? – What do we use for fertilizer? Our answer “not much” is hard for fellow Rhode Islanders … Read more.

We’re ready!

The gardens have all had their spring clean-up and Julie, Gail and I even got to the Rose Garden’s east side climbing roses today! Pruning climbers isn’t rocket science but it’s definitely tricky and totally … Read more.

What a difference a day makes

  Yesterday was a lone decent-ish day in the middle of a whole bunch of dirty ones – with more ick on the way in the form of sleet, rain, wind and are they really … Read more.