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Sow chilly

I’ve gone soft.  The thaw we had a couple of weeks ago has totally ruined me for the rest of winter.  I can’t go outside in the freeze anymore without complaining every bit as bitterly … Read more.

Wishing well

No rain in sight. The thunderstorms that have been in the forecast periodically haven’t materialized for us in Bristol since a month ago in June. It’s dry dry dry and even the pond has emptied … Read more.

The right idea

Anyone out and about today in this part of the world knows it’s a glorious day (condolences for anyone stuck indoors). And anyone who’s out and about at Blithewold today knows this is absolutely the … Read more.

Give the gift of a Blithewold membership

There’s a new page in my sidebar – check it out! Just in time for the holidays we have a special offer for blog readers — we hope to tempt you to give yourself – … Read more.

Odds and addENDumS

  Can everyday be Action Day? There are bandwagons all over the place that I want to jump on. Here is a post about the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) that reminded me to rave … Read more.

I scream (for sunscreen), part 2

I am constantly on the hunt for the right-tool-for-the-job and both Gail and I have amassed an array of sunscreen that is starting to resemble a pharmacy shelf display and is draining our wallets. Last … Read more.

T.G.I.R.F. (thank goodness it’s a rainy friday)

Gail and I need a good catch-up day in the greenhouse and the rain is forcing us to stay in and get to it! There are seedlings that still need transplanting (poor stretched out, pack-bound … Read more.