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Hook, line and sinker

For a mid-January Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, as much as I always want to show off greenhouse flowers, I think it’s more honest to say that the only thing in full-full bloom around here is … Read more.

Up cloche

The other day Gail brought in the new terrarium book  – which happens to be called The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature by Tovah Martin.  I haven’t read a word of … Read more.

More decisions (and a retraction)

Our seed orders have started to come in!   I discovered though that I have to offer an official retraction of a snarky complaint in this post about Select Seeds‘ shipping charges.  Well, obviously, I … Read more.

“Mainstream plants”

I’ve heard Dr. Allan Armitage speak a couple of times now (both times at New England Grows) and he could probably say the same thing over and over again (he may well have) and I’d … Read more.

Is that your final answer?

Gail and I have been focused for the last couple of weeks on the seed orders and for the past couple of days we’ve been editing choices, paring down ideas, trimming the fat and trying … Read more.

Arctic express

We’re bracing for a chilly visitor coming this week from the Great Lakes and although we’re not exactly rolling out the red carpet for her, we’re stocking the cupboards and making sure there’s plenty of … Read more.

Give the gift of a Blithewold membership

There’s a new page in my sidebar – check it out! Just in time for the holidays we have a special offer for blog readers — we hope to tempt you to give yourself – … Read more.


It was blissfully peasoupy this morning – a sauna bath still but a welcome relief to the scorching asphyxia of the last couple of days. I love the sounds of fog – amplified birds, dripping … Read more.