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My Summer in a Garden

The June/July selection for The Garden Bloggers’ Book Club is My Summer in a Garden by Charles Dudley Warner and this time I read the book! (Lately, since we’ve gotten into the maintenance groove, I’ve … Read more.

Pictures mostly

This week, one of the Rockettes (Wednesday volunteers) said to me, “Kris, I finally read your blog … –You’re so chatty!” I blushed and couldn’t think of a coherent reply… To prove to any readers … Read more.

What’s the buzz?

I was crouching on the pond bank at 8:00 this morning trying to get a frog shot (cute little guy, isn’t he? A pre-teen, I would guess, in that awkward phase between polliwog and voting … Read more.

Color rules

Over the weekend I read this post on Garden Rant that caused a runaway train of thought about color. (Here’s hoping it doesn’t cause a wreck.)   I think we all have a special relationship … Read more.

Merry go ’round

I noticed this morning while Gail and I deadheaded the North Garden for the weekend that I have a tendency to start at the same place in the garden and go counter-clockwise from there. Every … Read more.

I went to my happy place

It’s important sometimes to go someplace else when unpleasant things are happening. Yesterday I was in the dentist’s chair and while my dentist leaned on my lower lip and reached fists and sharp things into … Read more.

Fashionably late

I’m a day late for the Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day party! If you feel like a little web crawling, click on the link above to see what’s blooming (as of yesterday) all over the country … Read more.

Heralds of summer

I could have sworn I heard my first cicada yesterday. It was that kind of blazing hot day you’d expect to hear a chorus of them. So maybe I heard it through wishful thinking (auditory … Read more.


It was blissfully peasoupy this morning – a sauna bath still but a welcome relief to the scorching asphyxia of the last couple of days. I love the sounds of fog – amplified birds, dripping … Read more.

(nearly) Free Advice

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Who do you turn to for advice? Your mom? Your best friend? Your life-coach? What if you don’t know what to do in your … Read more.