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Spring feverish

Spiking temperatures in the heat of the sun are making us sweat and bitter winds give us the chills. Add to that the frenetic frantics of  “gotta get the gardens cleaned out NOW!” coupled with … Read more.

On board the Rameses the Great

Aboard the Rameses the Great Marjorie met all sorts of people, most of whom would accompany her throughout her trip. In addition to her chaperone Miss Helen and her Egyptian guide Mahomet—whom she greatly reveres—Marjorie … Read more.

Marjorie at the Pyramids

No trip to Egypt could possibly be complete without seeing the Pyramids, and of course Marjorie’s trip was no different. After her quick tour of Cairo Marjorie and her chaperone Miss Helen Macartnay  made their … Read more.

Spring into winter

Spring took two steps back last night. We didn’t get as much accumulation as predicted but it sure felt like winter. Even the birds, who have been so LOUD lately, observed the snow’s silence this … Read more.

The reference desk

Like any gardener, I am desperate to know the names. As much as labeling the plants in the gardens is a thorn in my side (they’re photo-wrecking shiny eyesores and no matter how hard I … Read more.

First opportunities

I’m probably not alone in preferring to work indoors whenever it’s cold and wet outside; and in going absolutely bonkers if I can’t get outside whenever the sun is warm and the air is soft … Read more.

Religious life in Egypt – 1903

Since ancient times Egypt has had a rich and diverse religious history, in fact some historians consider Egypt to be the birth of monotheism. In the 14th century B.C. a pharaoh Akhenaten [1] diverged from … Read more.

Marching right along

Yesterday’s snow flurries and bitter chill felt a little like a set back but March still somehow manages to take another two steps forward for every one back. It’s no longer enough to patrol the … Read more.

March appreciated

My brain thinks I don’t like March much. Looking out at rain pouring over a taupe-loafer colored world, it’s not too difficult to understand why… The whole idea of March just seems fraught with drear … Read more.

A good thing

It’s not EVERYDAY that one gets invited to sit in Martha Stewart’s studio audience, but last week a bunch of tickets to the Gardening Show were offered to Blithewold staff. And, honestly now, who wouldn’t … Read more.