Camp Sequoia Details

Listed below are some more details, a list of what to bring to camp, and information on pick-up and drop-off. Also, have a look at our incredible camp staff!

Pick-up & Drop-off

Each morning begins at 9:00 a.m., with a safe and distanced car-line drop off. Starting at 8:45 am with the latest time being 9:15, one of Blithewold’s staff members will be eagerly awaiting your arrival in front of the carriage house barn doors. Please stay in your vehicle and pull your car around to wait in line, it should not take long as we only have 20 campers! Parents will sign each child in for the day. The child will be greeted by our friendly counselors and the activity will begin right away.

Afternoon pick-up is at 3:00 p.m. As early as 2:45 pm, a staff member will be waiting in the car line to sign out your child. We will bring your child out to the car. Both drop-off and pick-up will be in the same area outside of  Blithewold’s restored Carriage House, a barn-like building located next to Blithewold’s parking lot. We ask that parents please be punctual; Blithewold staff cannot easily accommodate early or late arrivals/departures unless we are notified in advance.  A photo ID will be required to sign out each child.

If your child can not attend camp due to illness or other reasons, please call us no later than 9:30 am at 401-601-1760.

Emergency Policy

If your child can not attend camp due to illness or other reasons, please call us no later than 9:30 am at 401-601-1760. Please note that there will be no refunds for days missed due to illness or other reasons. Also, camp tuition will not be reimbursed if we are given less than two weeks notice. If you give two weeks notice, we reimburse in full minus a $25 administration fee.

Safety Measures

  • Each child will be given a hand sanitizer, but feel free to bring your own from home.
  • We will have our own restrooms that are not open to the general public, they will be sanitized before and after each use. We will take small group trips to the restroom frequently throughout the day.
  • Surfaces will be sprayed and wiped frequently
  • Assigned seating, supply backpacks, and activity groups will remain consistent for the week
  • Counselors will not be required to wear masks in outdoor settings or the indoor camp space. They will wear a mask around the non-camp indoor spaces, and around the non-Blithewold staff.

What to Bring:

Recommended Clothing
Children should arrive dressed for activity. We will be spending time outside as much as possible! We suggest you equip your child with an extra outfit, extra layers, water shoes for outdoor play and sneakers for indoor play, and waterproof outerwear (bathing suit (can be worn under clothing, towel.) All should be labeled.

While not required, we do strongly recommend that a mask is packed for children to wear around the non-camp indoor spaces, and around the non-Blithewold staff.

Water Bottle
Please bring a reusable water bottle each day, labeled with your child’s name. There is a water bottle filling station in the building for them to refill their bottles with clean cold water.

Lunch is at 12 Noon.
Bring a lunch each day with your camper’s name on it. Microwaves & refrigerators are not available.

Participants should bring their own healthy snacks. Snack time is 10 am, an optional second snack will take place in the afternoon after lunch. Please inform the camp director immediately if there are any food allergies. We occasionally do food preparation activities for snack. Please let us know if you prefer your child to opt-out and only eat his/her own snack.

Sun Block/Bug Spray
Many activities will take place outdoors. Please arrive with your child already wearing sunscreen. We will re-apply after lunch, so please pack sunscreen. Bug spray should also be packed as it can get very buggy.

Gym Bag/Backpack
A gym bag or backpack is recommended for belongings. Please label with your family’s last name. Each camper will place belongings in a “cubby” at the beginning of the day.

Money/Items of Value
It is best to leave all personal equipment such as handheld electronic games, sentimental, monetary or items of personal value at home.  If you choose to bring these items, Blithewold is not responsible for any loss or damage.

Meet our Camp Sequoia Staff:

Head Counselor – Casey Motta

My name is Casey Motta and I live in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with my family. I am pursuing a degree in Elementary and Special Education at Salve Regina University. I also have a strong interest in environmental studies and marine biology. I am a part of Learning Unlimited and Best Buddies programs which aid adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Some of my hobbies include watching sunsets, biking, and playing the trumpet. Camp Sequoia played a significant role in my life as it contributed to my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. Every summer I come to Blithewold, the beauty of the grounds inspires me. I look back on my experiences as a camper and CIT, and now as the Head Counselor, I am full of ideas on how to make camp special every week. I truly believe every child is unique. It brings me no greater joy to watch them grow up through Camp Sequoia as I did. I love learning about the shores of Narragansett Bay and the wonders of Blithewold. I cannot wait to instill the same love in the campers. I am looking forward to another fun and educational summer!

Assistant Counselor – Nicholas Clark

My name is Nicholas Clark and I live in Barrington, Rhode Island. I am a rising Sophomore at Barrington High School as a member of the robotics team. I enjoy being outside with nature and helping teach younger kids. I have played hockey for 10 years and I am a certified USA Hockey referee. I enjoy helping younger children learn to skate and enjoy the game for themselves. I have been at Blithewold for many years, as a CIT and as a camper. Last year as a CIT the grounds and environment were great and the campers were too. I loved the camp and am happy to share that joy with the new campers and CITs this summer. I am very excited and I can’t wait to help make this an amazing summer for everyone!

Assistant Counselor – Owen Clark

My name is Owen Clark and I happily live in Barrington, Rhode Island, with my parents and two brothers. I was first introduced to Camp Sequoia as a camper, and enjoyed it so much that I returned as a CIT, and now an assistant counselor. I currently attend Barrington High School, and my hobbies include biking , hockey, golf, and refereeing. I also am enrolled in extracurriculars, such as the high school robotics team, and volunteering as an assistant coach for my younger brothers hockey team. I have a twin brother who is also attending Camp Sequoia as an assistant counselor, and a younger brother who will be attending as a camper. I have really enjoyed my past experience here at Camp Sequoia a lot, and look forward to another fun-filled year.

Contact Information

If parents/guardians need to contact camp staff about any changes in pick-up/drop-off, or any other additional information. Please consult the list below:

Casey Motta, Head Camp Councilor
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 401-601-1760

Jillian Cleveland, Communications Assistant and Registrar
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 401-253-2707 ex. 15

Liz Ripley, Administrative Assistant
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 401-253-2707 ex. 16

You can also contact our counselors at the Visitors Center at 401-253-2707 ex. 38
The phone will be answered if they are in the camp space at the time of your call.

Required Forms:

These forms are covered when you sign your child up for camp.
Feel free to print these for your own records.

Health History Form

Camp Pickup Authorization Form