The Shop at Blithewold

While visiting Blithewold this season, take a moment to browse the colorful array of practical and luxurious offerings at The Shop at Blithewold. The Shop is filled with a wide collection of unique, elegant items, such as ladies’ accessories, handmade jewelry, tabletop adornments, Blithewold-inspired keepsakes, and much more.


Blithewold strives to support the local economy; you’ll see that many of our items are sourced from the Rhode Island and New England community. Some of our items are also made by our own talented volunteers!

legacy frontBLITHEWOLD: Legacy of an American Family is a social history of four generations of an American family, from 1810 to 2010, and the legacy they left in the form of Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum. Blithewold is a spectacular 33-acre estate on the shores of Narragansett Bay in Bristol, Rhode Island, known as New England’s finest sea-side garden estate. The estate’s large archival collection of letters and photographs are used to illustrate this remarkable story.


To purchase Blithewold: Legacy of an American Family by Margaret Whitehead, click here.

grand tour frontIn June 1903, 19-year-old Marjorie Van Wickle embarked on a journey that profoundly changed the course of her life, leading to life-long passions for art, music, and horticulture. For eleven months, she traveled with a chaperone through Europe and Egypt, touring capital cities, small towns, and villages; visiting art museums, historic sites, and legendary monuments. The book is constructed around excerpts from letters and postcards Marjorie sent home to her mother.


To purchase The Grand Tour 1903 – 1904: Marjorie Van Wickle’s Tour of Egypt and Europe by Margaret Whitehead, click here.