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Pollinator Heaven

I have been drawn to the Pollinator Garden lately. I can’t pass by this area without walking over to get a closer look. We established this garden in the meadow five years ago. It allowed … Read more.

Heating Up

As we head into August, the heat waves drive many of us indoors. In the gardens, the heat spurs on an incredible season of growth (as long as we keep up with irrigating). As I … Read more.

Sizzle of Summer

The sizzle of summer has arrived, and so have a whole new batch of plants that are at their best when the heat and humidity is at its worst. Experiencing the grandeur of these heat-lovers … Read more.


Pollinator Week in the US always seems a little early for us here in the northeast. Traditionally celebrated the last full week of June, Pollinator Week is a time to remember how important pollinators (and … Read more.

Sweet Pea-ce

Sweet Peas always begin with a dream. Way back in the beginning of January, I placed an order with Floret Flowers for sweet pea (Lathyrus odoratus) seeds. The days were dark and the air was … Read more.

June is for Roses

If you have been waiting for the right moment to see the roses in bloom, now is the time! The next few weeks will be full of beautiful roses blooming their perfumed heads off in … Read more.

Life of the Garden

So much life happens in the garden. Right now the birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and newly returned (human) visitors are snapping pictures or leaning in for a closer look at a flower. … Read more.

Working Beauty

  May is a very busy month for all plants, to say the least. With so much going on in the garden, it can be overwhelming for people who don’t want to miss anything. While … Read more.

Totally Tulips

When May arrives and brings glorious sun and warmth with her, the tulips heed her call. We have been watching and waiting for the perfect tulip moment and now is the time.  From very tall … Read more.

How to Know the Wildflowers

As April’s daffodils fade, a new beginning comes with May’s abundance of wildflowers, spring ephemerals and flowering trees and shrubs. The daffodils had the irresistible charm of heralding the start of spring, but for me … Read more.