Memorial and Commemorative Planting Program

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum is a treasured and special location to so many and we are very proud to offer ways to commemorate, memorialize and honor special people in our lives as well as significant life events.

Through additions to the existing living collections, a wide variety of new plant materials including shrubs, trees, and curated garden spaces are created each year, with many of the intended plantings being uncommon, historic, or significant specimens.  These unique specimens make the best choice for commemoration and are derived from a list with specified locations across the grounds where they can be sited for maximum value to both the intended commemorated and property.

The policy is managed by the following guidelines:

  • $1000 cost for selection per memorial/commemorative planting includes signage and one potential replacement.
  • Donors will receive a list of potential trees with location and communicate with the Director of Horticulture in writing with their first and second choice. Due to availability of tree specimens, we cannot guarantee the first choice.
  • Replacement of a Tree:
    • Each singular plant may be replaced once during establishment period in event of death or irreparable damage, cost assumed by Blithewold. Establishment period is defined as one year per 1” caliper D.B.H. for trees; three years for shrubs less than 5’ and 6 years for shrubs 5-10’.
    • If a memorial item needs replacement a second time within 5 years of establishment period Blithewold will contact donor for current market value replacement.
    • Blithewold as an entity works to maintain all specimens to the best possible standard but can not offer replacements after the establishment period has ended regardless of maturity of selected specimens.
  • Signage will match existing identification signage used by the arboretum with space allowed to identify the names, reason and dates for commemoration/memorialization.
    • Plaque and signage will be maintained for the life of the specimen(s) and will not be reassigned from designated intent.
  • Planting occurs at optimal time for specimen survival and can be constrained by availability or plant material, climatological factors or other reasons but typically occurs within 12 months from original request with signage in the 6-month period after planting. If there is significant delay in establishing specimens, the donor will be notified.
  • Only items from the preselected and prepared list, with approval from the Director of Horticulture in conjunction with the Executive Director may be utilized at Blithewold.
  • Each item will be photographed and added to the Memorial/Commemorative Guide with location available upon request for on-site visitation.

If you are interested contact:

Dan Christina, Director of Horticulture
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 401-253-2707 ex 14