Blithewold's Mission is to preserve New England’s finest garden estate through excellence in horticulture and historic preservation, and by our example to teach and inspire others.
The architectural and landscape features that form Blithewold’s character have remained largely unchanged since its period of significance (1894 – 1930). At the same time, both buildings and gardens have evolved in subtle ways in response to the transition from private to public landscape, as well as to hurricanes and weather events, and longer-term phenomena such as the growth and maturation of trees.

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum is widely recognized as a thoughtfully conserved and authentic historic site of consequence; a cultural landscape of historical importance and contemporary relevance; and a place of tranquility, beauty, and repose. Blithewold respects John DeWolf’s vision of creating “an estate in which new beauties are constantly revealed and the perfect accord between Architecture and Grounds is ever apparent.”
Blithewold’s stewards preserve the property in accordance with its cultural and environmental significance while maintaining operational excellence and integrity. The property is fully supported by the greater community, its membership, donors, visitors, scholars, and staff.

Blithewold’s heritage assets are multiple, varied, and definable in overlapping individual categories of artifactual material and botanical culture. These physical attributes are closely networked intellectually, and with the property’s social history, provide the foundation for Blithewold’s significance as a historic site.

We are dedicated to preserving Blithewold's unique and original history. We invite you to learn more about our efforts to preserve our historical grounds and buildings of architectural significance.

Preservation Projects at Blithewold

Costume Restoration

Greenhouse Restoration


Wall Paper Restoration

Interior Architectural Designs

North Garden

Mosaic Well Iron Work

Mansion Roof Restoration

Pump House

Well Head

Carriage House Restoration