After the blizzard

As storms go, this one (we’re calling it Juno?) was pretty great — at least for those of us without travel plans or emergencies. For me, it struck just the right balance between excitement from the big buildup in the media and bluster-full winds, and a kind of compulsory coziness. There was nothing to do for a whole night and day but wait it out. Some of us chose to be productive while others of us spent the day reading on the couch with a dog on our feet and a cup of tea in our paw. (I’ll give you one guess who.) And since the cold temperatures kept the snow on the fluffy side, most of us never lost power, or wrecked our backs digging through the drifts. The drifting made it difficult to tell how much snow fell, but best guesses for Blithewold are in the 15″ range. Nearby Fall River got closer to 2 feet. And the aftermath, not counting slippery roads and impassable sidewalks, has been a wonderland. I took these pictures over the last couple of days. As I write, it’s snowing again… (Click on any picture and use the arrow to navigate through the gallery.)


How did you spend your blizzard? Were you inconvenienced by it or happy for the excuse to be cozy?