An awesome weekend

This very well could be the most amazing weekend yet. The forecast is calling for sunny skies in the San Diego-70’s and every flower that can possibly be open right now is in peak glorious bloom. Normally that would be enough for me to say this is the place to be this weekend but it gets better. Blithewold has the honor of hosting the New England Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture Tree Climbing Championship tomorrow (Saturday the 19th.)

Professional arborists from all over New England are already starting to gather – quite a few of them are up in our trees already setting up as I write this – and will show the rest of us who haven’t climbed a tree since we were kids, how it’s done – and how it’s done safely. As much as I crave time in my own garden, I’ll definitely be here craning my neck to watch and cheer on a good friend who won’t mind me saying has the agility of a monkey and a very decent shot at winning a door prize at least. And kids, this is your chance to climb a tree here too! (Click on the pictures for a better view of people with a bird’s eye view. How I envy them… )

I wouldn’t want anyone to come away from this fabulous weekend with a crick in their neck so here are a few reasons to look down now and again:

How will you spend this awesome weekend?