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The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927

Listening to  a May 11thinterview on NPR about the flooded community of Greenville, Mississippi I can’t help but reflect on Blithewold’s Estelle Clements. Estelle was visiting her brothers in Greenville during the historic flooding of … Read more.

The Real Rameses the Great

Speaking of Rameses the Great, no ancient figure had a greater impact on during Marjorie’s trip than the pharaoh Rameses II, perhaps the greatest king ever to rule Egypt. Towards the end of her trip … Read more.

On board the Rameses the Great

Aboard the Rameses the Great Marjorie met all sorts of people, most of whom would accompany her throughout her trip. In addition to her chaperone Miss Helen and her Egyptian guide Mahomet—whom she greatly reveres—Marjorie … Read more.

Marjorie at the Pyramids

No trip to Egypt could possibly be complete without seeing the Pyramids, and of course Marjorie’s trip was no different. After her quick tour of Cairo Marjorie and her chaperone Miss Helen Macartnay  made their … Read more.

Religious life in Egypt – 1903

Since ancient times Egypt has had a rich and diverse religious history, in fact some historians consider Egypt to be the birth of monotheism. In the 14th century B.C. a pharaoh Akhenaten [1] diverged from … Read more.

West meets East

Marjorie came to Egypt with the primary goal of seeing its ancient past but in doing so she could not help but be immersed into the world that contemporary Egypt had to offer. In fact … Read more.