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Excellent Evergreens in the Enclosed Garden

Walking along the garden path in early December, I notice most of the world has fallen asleep. The last leaves have gone past and are ready to drop, the air gives a slight burning sensation … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

The Season of Evergreens After this rainy November, the second wettest on record, I am appreciating features on my walk that I’ve taken for granted throughout the year. I’m certainly thankful for the gravel paths … Read more.

Flowers, Berries, Seeds, oh my!

Sometimes I let November get me down. It’s cold. It’s dark. The wind makes my ears hurt. All the glorious colors of the growing season have gone by–or have they? All it takes is a walk … Read more.

Lotus Appreciation

It’s the time of year for cutting back the gardens, hunkering down indoors, and contemplating all we are so thankful for this season. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) . This was … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Fruit of the Fall Walking down the garden path this week is staff horticulturist, Joe Verstandig. When fall finally arrives, it is simply impossible not to notice the brilliant colors that sweep through the trees. … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Leaves Aplenty   Walking along a path sprinkled with fallen leaves releases my inner child-like nature. It may be the familiar crunch under foot or the shuffling tendency of my feet to brush the excess … Read more.

Hold Onto Your Leaves

October’s glorious foliage gives way to November’s leaf drop. All the beautiful leaves are now dancing around our feet as we walk the paths. Crunching leaves is such a satisfying sensation. However, if you are … Read more.

fall spectacular

There’s been a flurry of bulb-planting activity here the past few weeks. Fall is like a mirror image of spring for a gardener. Everything you worked so hard to create is taken apart and put … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Nature’s Beauties Great and Small   A walk along the garden path this time of year will have your gaze upwards instead of at garden eye level.  The peaking fall foliage of specimen trees on … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Autumn Light, Bird Calls, Unearthing Toads Two perennial late-blooming favorites, Chrysanthemum ‘Hillside Sheffield Pink’ and Aster ageratoides ‘Ezo Murasaki’, are taking the cool weather in stride. Their flowers stand out in the sparse gardens and … Read more.