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Daffodils Put On A Breathtaking Show

It has been a busy month of blooms here at Blithewold. With 93 Daffodil (Narcissus) cultivars in bloom across the property over 6 weeks, it would be tough to capture them all! I have instead … Read more.

Daffodils for Days and Days

It’s usually around this time of year when I write something about hope. The winter always feels long and each year I find myself waiting for spring with open arms. However, March can be a … Read more.

Change is Coming…Delightful Daffodils are Doubled at Blithewold

  In a blink, we’ll leave behind the brisk cold of winter with its bulky coats, soft blankets, and cozy fires and awaken to the soft, misty mornings of spring.  Outside, the golden coating on … Read more.

Fall Flowers and Spring Bulbs

Volunteers and staff alike took to Blithewold’s grounds the past few weeks to plant thousands of spring blooming bulbs. It has been quite the Herculean feat. Already, just about half of the 58,000 bulbs have … Read more.

Garden (and Life) Lessons

How does one not fall in love with September? The weather is temperate, the gardens are in full bloom, and there is an abundance of insect life everywhere you look. It is glorious. Despite all … Read more.

New Veggie Garden Irrigation

Hi folks! I am happy to introduce to you our gardens intern Oliver Bingham! Ollie is a recent graduate in Plant Science from University of Rhode Island. It’s been great having him on our team … Read more.

The Prettiest Poppies

Every June I am captivated by the Shirley poppies (Papaver rhoeas). How could I not be? With their tissue paper thin petals that come in a candy store of colors. Those gentle petals that unfurl … Read more.


Spring is here and it is beginning to feel like it. Although March has decided to use her last week to remind us not to be too eager, April is set to show us it … Read more.

Noticing November Beauty

It has been so warm the past few days, I nearly forgot it is November. This mild weather is welcome to us as we finished planting tulips and other spring bulbs in the gardens this … Read more.

Lessons from a Hot, Dry Summer

With autumn finally here, I am taking a moment to reflect on the summer that was. It was, by far, the hottest and driest summer I’ve experienced at Blithewold. If you were lucky enough to … Read more.