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Along the Garden Path

Lusty Flowers, Birdsongs and Busy Bees July gardens are a happy mix of colorful flowers and songbirds and bees gracefully dipping in and out of the gardens. I see visitors mesmerized watching the activity of … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

The Summer Shift with Swallows, Delphiniums and Annuals July’s heat and high sun heralds another transition in all the gardens. Just as May and June had their own style, July brings on its own set … Read more.

The Missing Portrait

In 1912 the French portrait painter Henry Caro-Delvaille sailed from Cherbourg to New York on the S.S. France. Among his fellow passengers was Walter Kilham, an old friend of Bessie and William McKee and the … Read more.

Sweet Pea Splendor

June is when our gardening dreams begin to come true. The Cutting Garden is currently full of sweet peas (Lathyrus) blooming on bamboo arches. This all began with Gail’s vision this past winter. I recall … Read more.

Pollinator Week

Happy National Pollinator Week! If I say the word “pollinator”, you may immediately think of honey bees. It is true that honey bees are a huge help in pollinating many plants. However, they aren’t the … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

A Jolly June with a profusion of Sweet peas, Poppies and Roses There’s an old saying “A mist in May and heat in June, brings all things into tune”.  The rains in May and the … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Peak Rose Garden Week! Herb Garden! Tadpoles! An individual rose is beautiful in itself but an abundance of roses is glorious! A rose garden in full bloom can transport one’s spirit to a secret garden enhanced … Read more.

Quiet Thyme

Every garden begins with a dream. For us, the dream for what we now call the Garden of Hope began several years ago. We knew that we wanted to create a garden that would inspire … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

The Flora and Fauna Frenzy of June The transition from May to June signals a frenzy  of new flower combinations that gives each garden a completely new look. Ornamental onions (Allium spp.) of all sizes … Read more.

Sweet Spring

I love ornamental onions. I love that they come in so many different sizes and colors. I love that even after their flowers fade most of them hold their shape, making beautiful decorations. Right around … Read more.