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Change is Coming…Delightful Daffodils are Doubled at Blithewold

  In a blink, we’ll leave behind the brisk cold of winter with its bulky coats, soft blankets, and cozy fires and awaken to the soft, misty mornings of spring.  Outside, the golden coating on … Read more.

Fall Flowers and Spring Bulbs

Volunteers and staff alike took to Blithewold’s grounds the past few weeks to plant thousands of spring blooming bulbs. It has been quite the Herculean feat. Already, just about half of the 58,000 bulbs have … Read more.

Garden (and Life) Lessons

How does one not fall in love with September? The weather is temperate, the gardens are in full bloom, and there is an abundance of insect life everywhere you look. It is glorious. Despite all … Read more.

Week Seven, Day Five: The Last Day of Camp

The last day of camp is always bittersweet. We started the morning making pinwheels. Then we got ready to go outside before the rain shower started. In the Rose Garden, the campers had a snack … Read more.

Week Seven, Day Four: The Last Clean Ocean Access Meeting

The weather has been in our favor! We made water bottle birds this morning with tissue paper. Then we went outside for a quick snack before our last lesson with clean ocean access. The campers … Read more.

Week Seven, Day Three: The Last Water Game

Another nice day! We started the morning by making costume masks. Then we went to the Frog Pond and found a couple frogs. We also walked over into the Nut Grove to go bug hunting … Read more.

Week Seven, Day Two: The Last Game of Capture the Flag

Today, the campers were excited about their last art session with Joanne. They made sailboats and then painted them with watercolors. After that, we went in the field in front of the mansion and celebrated … Read more.

Week Seven, Day One: The Last Mansion Tour

The last week of camp has begun. We started off with our morning routine with the rules and introductions. Then we got ready to go outside and play in the Rose Garden. After snack we … Read more.

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Camp Sequoia 2023: Week Five Full Photo Gallery