Calling all gardeners!

A lecture in the Display Garden, Fall Gardener’s Day 2005Mark your calendar; save the date! Blithewold’s Fall Gardener’s Day falls on September 22 this year and looks like it’s going to be a blast. Between 10 am and 3pm, workshops and demonstrations will be given all over the property and look so good it might be a little difficult to choose where to be. (My advice is to bring a friend/spouse with a notebook, split up and attend everything!) All of the programs, from flower drying and arranging to post-season fresh veggie possibilities and fall container planting, are geared to keep the got-to-garden fire lit in you — remember how jazzed you were heading into spring? We say, don’t give up yet!Gary Koller leads a tree walk, Fall Gardener’s Day 2006

I personally won’t want to miss Fred and Dan’s demos on shrub pruning and grass growing (I’m pretty sure my motivation to go to theirs is to be supportive – not to make faces). I want to see Kathy Tracey’s (owner of Avant Gardens) demo on fall container planting because she’s a genius and Barney Webster’s (owner of Nelumbo Water Gardens) talk about low-maintenance water gardens because he cleaned and stocked our cement pond – he’s the man behind the lotus! I don’t really want to miss Gil Moore’s (star volunteer and gardener extraordinaire) demo on flower drying or the medicinal herb walk either… But most likely, if I’m not wandering around with my camera, I’ll be spending most of the day at a table hawking some beautiful babies from our greenhouse. And I want you to find me! Calling all gardeners, garden bloggers, and Blithewold blog readers – wherever you are, if you can make the trip – let’s have a meet-up!

Gardener’s Day goes on rain or shine so if the weather looks iffy, bring an umbrelly and your dancing shoes (for celebrating an end to the dry spell) and don’t forget to pack a picnic. Oh – and bring wine tasting taste buds (Sakonnet Vineyards will have samples) and a little cashola too for spending on plants, previously loved gardening books, local veggies and flowers, herbal products, and Art. Be there or be square! (See you there??)Gus-gus will steal the show no doubt and has offered to sign autographs

Click here for the all-star line-up and schedule of events.