Change is Coming…Delightful Daffodils are Doubled at Blithewold


In a blink, we’ll leave behind the brisk cold of winter with its bulky coats, soft blankets, and cozy fires and awaken to the soft, misty mornings of spring. 

Outside, the golden coating on the branches of weeping willows tells us that change is coming. Soon, we’ll begin to see other early risers of the season: sturdy Hellebore, cheerful Snowdrops, tiny Squill, and the inevitable, delightful daffodils! 

Many Hands = Many Daffodils
In November, Blithewold volunteers, museum operations staff, the Bristol Garden Club, and the seventh graders of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bristol joined Blithewold’s horticulture staff in planting 40,000 additional daffodil bulbs. “This spring we’ll have more than 100,000 daffodils, 93 varieties, that represent all thirteen divisions! While we were at it, we planted 15,000 other early spring bulbs. These combined plantings should provide our visitors with an 8–10 week display of spring flowers across Blithewold’s 33-acre seaside estate.” says Director of Horticulture, Dan Christina.

Daffodil Days
On Saturday, March 30, Blithewold’s beautiful stone and wrought-iron front gate opens for the season at 10 AM, welcoming visitors to enjoy the stunning display of spring flowers. Our annual Daffodil Days will kick off on April 13, in coordination with school vacation week.

More Daffo-Delightfulness
While the landscape is filled with flowers, Blithewold’s fun-for-the-whole-family programming celebrates springtime and our favorite flower friends. 

  • Blithewold, the American Daffodil Society, and the Bristol Garden Club welcome all daffodil enthusiasts to take part in our first annual show, “Blithewold in Bloom,” on Saturday and Sunday, April 20 – 21. 
  • The grand opening of the Marjorie Van Wickle Lyon Gallery kicks off with an exhibition of artwork from members of the Bristol Art Museum, “Singular Focus: Bristol Art Museum Takes Root at Blithewold,” with an opening reception on Sunday, April 7.
  • Our popular Afternoon Teas will begin on Tuesday, April 2.
  • Visit our program pages now and check back often to see an updated list of more daffo-delightful events we have planned for this spring.