CIT Orientation 2024

Yesterday, we hosted the CIT Orientation for 2024. Fifteen CITs will join us this summer to work with our campers and gain leadership skills through our counselor-in-training program. The program looks to give children ages 12-15 the opportunity to have an experiential learning experience by observing our counselors and working with our campers.

While at the orientation, our CITs learned about all things camp. They decorated shirts that they will wear during camp and got to know one another through some games. The CITs also learned the process for planning their CIT surprise activities that they will do with the campers each week that they will plan on their own. Every year, our CITs pick two community service projects to do. This year we will be making cards for first responders and doing a book drive.

We are so grateful to have this group of individuals to work with us this summer. They are all so eager and ready to work with our campers. We cannot wait to see them flourish once camp begins!