CIT Program Spotlight!

Here at Camp Sequoia, we have an option for children ages 12-15 to participate in a Counselor-in-Training Program. Our CITs gain leadership skills, collaborate with others, and learn how to work with children. They assist the counselors by leading small groups and helping with prep work. The CITs work together to plan an activity throughout the week for the campers. They also execute two community service projects during the summer.

The CIT Program holds great importance to all of our counselors because each of them was also a CIT. It is a fantastic opportunity to continue doing all the fun activities that come with summer camp while using their wisdom to help create fun for others. Every year the CITs are consistently a dedicated group of individuals, and we could not be more grateful to have them! Check out some photos of past CITs below!

For more information and the CIT application visit: