Deep winter

Last week’s blizzard seem to open the gate to a real winter complete with snow storm after snow storm, and hard-core cold. We’re being tested on our ability to stay upright on icy patches, and on keeping our cool when we can’t get where we’re going on time. But we’re also being reminded about what we love about deep winter in New England. It’s beautiful. Inside and out. And all of this bluster and chill is just the contrast spring needs to feel extra sweet when it finally arrives. No matter how winter-ish it looks outside (and in) Gail, Betsy, and I can be confident that spring is on its way because the seeds have all arrived! And I am headed off on my annual winter break before we start sowing in earnest. Sweet peas, traditionally sown indoors around Presidents’ Day, will be first on the list. I can hardly wait.

Happy Winter! See you in a couple of weeks.