Dog days

Rosa multiflora - on the very invasive list but smells like heavenThe heat broke yesterday and I think we’re all enjoying today’s reminder about why it’s worth every cent to live in or at least visit coastal New England – it’s all about the sea breeze! The wind off the water is deliciously cool and perfumed right now with salty beach roses (Rosa rugosa), the awfully invasive yet lovely-when-it-blooms Rosa multiflora and little sips of one of our other favorites invasives – Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica). I feel like I’m walking around nose first. Even during our record breaking heat wave, when inhaling was physically uncomfortable I wanted to be sniffing and smelling and breathing deeply. Nino - my editorial assistant lying down on the jobI have a feeling that the term “Dog days” refers to wanting to lie on the floor with tongues lolling but it’s just occurred to me that it could be about catching summer scents the way my new editorial assistant noses around when we go for walkies (Everyone, meet Nino! Nino, this is everyone). I feel like I could close my eyes as we walk and know exactly where I am:

Under the Japanese snowbell (Styrax japonicum ‘Pink Chimes’)

Styrax japonicus ‘Pink Chimes’ - Japanese snow bell

Strolling by the Fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus)

Chionanthus virginicus - Fringe tree

Passing by the sweet peas (slowly)

Sweet peas - Painted Lady was the first to bloom

Resting near the Sundrops (Oenothera fruticosa)

Oenothera fruticosa - Sundrops

And working in the (peaking!) Rose Garden – today we put down a layer of buckwheat hull mulch – it’s looking very elegant and smells divine!

A sweet Rose Garden combo - Morning Has Broken, Lilian and Pat Austen

All of this olfactory stimulation is stirring my desire for more-more-more scents galore in my own garden (I have a R. rugosa and a lot of lavender coming into bloom soon but most of the rest is for looks so far). But I wonder can there ever be too much? What have you planted for scent this time of year in your garden? Do you have any clashes or is it a symphony of sniffs?