Emphatic, Glorious spring

May arrives with armfuls of bouquets in her arms. Tulips, tulips, and more tulips. We love making color combinations for our gardens each year and testing out new varieties in the Idea Gardens for future use. Please enjoy this visual compendium of our tulips in bloom this week!

There are so many tulips that I could not post them all on this blog. As you may imagine, the color and experience of these lovely blooms are even better in person.  

Here are a few other features you will see when you visit us. Fritillaria are in flower in the Rose Garden. We are loving these unusual spring colors in contrast with the vibrant tulip display. 

It will be hard to miss this beauty when you visit. The weeping Higan cherry captures my attention each spring when it spills out in soft pink blossoms. The romance is unmistakable.

There is even more to tell you about, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun of discovering the beautiful trees and gardens when you visit. This is but a teaser until you have the chance to see it all in person.

Happy Spring!