Cancelled: E-Lecture: The Way We Plant Now with Robert Clyde Anderson

Thursday, May 14, 2020 | 4 PM

The Way We Plant Now: How the Naturalistic Planting Movement is changing American gardens
with Robert Clyde Anderson
Thursday, May 14
4 PM

Developments in ecology and environmental science over the last thirty years have revolutionized the way we think of using herbaceous plants in gardens and landscapes all over Europe and North America.

This talk will focus on key concepts behind the Naturalistic Planting Movement that are applicable to any setting, with particular emphasis on how these ideas can relate to the scale and limitations of the average home gardener. This illustrated presentation will also touch on the use of natives and “nativars” vs. exotics as well as introducing a few of the innovative planting designers working today in both Europe and America.

This is part of the Tea & Talk E-Lecture Series, learn more here.

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More about the speaker: Robert Clyde Anderson is a garden designer, consultant and writer who found his way to the Hudson Valley after a New York City career in illustration and book design. A native of Louisiana and a lifelong gardener, he has designed and maintained gardens in Columbia County as well as working in area nurseries, most recently at Pondside Nursery in Hudson, NY for five years, and before that at Loomis Creek Nursery in Claverack, NY for eight years. Robert makes his home in Stuyvesant, NY where he maintains a two-acre “laboratory” garden that includes shrub borders, a sunny terraced xeric garden, a shady wooded streamside area, a moist meadow area, a kitchen garden and a small flock of chickens.