I went to my happy place

It’s important sometimes to go someplace else when unpleasant things are happening. Yesterday I was in the dentist’s chair and while my dentist leaned on my lower lip and reached fists and sharp things into my mouth parts, I did my darnedest to go back to work. (How lucky am I that one of my happy places is where I work?) I thought of the bees and swirled around the arbor in the Display Garden and tried really hard to remember, minute by minute, how we spent the morning.

insert bucket truck hereThe first thing I saw yesterday morning was this very large bucket truck being carefully driven into a too tight place for a morning of tricky treetop trimming.

The Deadheads shouted to eachother over the sound of the chipper and snipped and tugged the sweetpeas off the Cutting Garden fence. We might have been able to get another year out of the netting if only Mary Scissorhands (in the picture wearing red gloves) had been more careful! (You’re a gracious scapegoat, Mary!) There are a few summer vines getting going with room to grow now and the Clematis ‘Roguchi’ is still blooming away.Deadheads unplanting the sweet peas

And do happy places usually have slugs? This one is ginormous by dry summer in RI standards but pretty tiny compared to its west coast banana cousins!big slug

It’s raining today and that makes me happy (without having to go anyplace else) and I’ll bet GusGus is pleased too. Gus and the lily pads (Hey, that's not a bad band name)