Some blooms just don’t know when to quit and others are coming back for more. Although we’ve had our frost – and even a light dusting of snow, I guess it hasn’t been quite cold enough to turn off the sturdiest annuals/tender perennials like Salvia guaranitica and pineapple sage, agastache, and nicotiana. A few perennials and shrubs (such as the unstoppable Daphne transatlantica not shown here) are still putting out for the bees and there are a few – possibly confused – plants blooming a little bit all over again just in case. Their effort is paying off because the honeybees at least are still out and about taking whatever they can get before hunkering down for the winter. And it may be beside nature’s point, but we gardeners are enjoying the show too. I’m very happy to have so much to show off for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, graciously hosted as always by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. (Despite the fact that there are still blooms galore, I’m sorely tempted to show more fall color. Maybe just one gratuitous sunset shot?) Mouse over for captions and click on for a larger view.

Do you have lingerers – or comeback blooms – in your garden too?