Merry go ’round

Insiders view of the North Garden 7-20-07I noticed this morning while Gail and I deadheaded the North Garden for the weekend that I have a tendency to start at the same place in the garden and go counter-clockwise from there. Every time. Which is interesting (not very?) only because I noticed that the plants that I always start with look great! And the ones at the end of my circuit look, well, they look like they need to be deadheaded in a big way. It’s especially noticable with something like Kalimeris. Kalimeris integrifoliaI like to spend a few minutes with each plant knocking off a few done blooms just to keep the whole plant looking in-trim (deadheading every deadhead would be hours and a mind lost). But after I’ve bent over half a dozen Kalimeris in a garden full of a gagillion other things that need deadheading too, I’m done! (stick a fork in me) It’s early days in our maintenance rounds (it feels like we just finished planting – and then there was all that watering!) so I was reminded today that I should start mixing it up a bit! I’ve got to put the garden in a blender and begin the begin somewhere new and – go clockwise instead! (It’s a little like writing with that other hand) And that’s my advice for the weekend. Start weeding and deadheading in the corner of the garden that never sees your bright shiny face when you’re still feeling bright and shiny! And have a wonderful weekend! (Happy Birthday, Ruth!)North Garden vista 7-20-07