No fooling

Daff cam 3-31-08Does this look familiar? Now is when I officially might start repeating myself – exactly one year ago tomorrow I wrote Blithewold’s first ever blog post – I kid you not. It’s Blithewold’s anniblogiversary!! And it’s truly déjà vu all over again because it looks for all the world like we’re on the same track as last year. Here’s my first post – should I just say “ditto”? This morning a few regular Deadheads, a couple of new faces and Joel potted up about 200 cuttings and transplanted at least as many seedlings. (What would we do without the volunteers?) Robin, Toni, Joel and Nick the WillingJust like last year, tomorrow promises wind and we’ll definitely start cleaning up the North Garden this week. No doubt I’ll even want to wax rhapsodic all over again about those adorable little velvet accordian fold Alchemilla mollis (Lady’s mantle) leaves hidden under last seasons scrunky dead stuff. (I mentioned to Julie how much I love cleaning up the Lady’s mantle and she looked at me like I was painted purple. Come on! What’s not to love about that job?)

As gardeners we’re used to doing the same thing over and over, year in and out (dig, plant, weed, repeat). It’s a good thing our gardens are never the same twice though because I’d hate for this part of my job to become redundant. One of the most rewarding things – and the one I had no real idea of when I proposed writing a blog for Blithewold – was getting to meet such an amazing group of gardeners from all over the world. I live for your comments (I can hear the new-mail chime on my computer from the other end of the greenhouse) and just as the gardens wouldn’t be as beautiful without the volunteers, this blog wouldn’t be as writable without all of you. Thank you for a fabulous year and please join me for another!

Gioia, Leslie, Gail and Anne