Be a CIT

This Counselor-in-Training program is a fantastic, leadership-building experience for those who may be interested in learning to become effective and talented counselors.

Program Description

Learn to be a leader! This program is designed for individuals who are interested in learning about leadership and how to work with children. Participants will be able to experience the “camp leader” roll by assisting the camp staff in the administration of the program such as registration, drop off and pick up, and learn the basics of supervision, behavior management, camp activities, arts and crafts, how to lead a game, and risk management. CIT’s are always supervised by camp staff and will not be left alone with children.

Program Requirements: The CIT program is for students ages 12 to 15 who are seeking leadership experience. No previous experience is required, though students must be responsible and sincerely interested in working with children in a camp environment. Some camp Experience is preferred. CIT’s must be available Monday through Friday of the weeks they agree to work.

Fee: $65 per week, this fee demonstrates that you have committed to the program

CIT Objectives

  • Observe a variety of different activity areas
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach an activity
  • Actively participate in discussions/meetings each week
  • Successfully plan and execute an Special CIT activity
  • Successfully plan and execute a CIT Service Project
  • Assist with camp chores

CIT Methods

  • Experiential learning by shadowing and assisting staff
  • Observation of staff teaching and coaching techniques
  • Participation in camp activities, games, lessons, activities
  • Participation in the planning, design, and execution of a service project

CIT Registration:

Click below to start the application process. We prefer CIT to be available to attend for 2 or more weeks.
The completed form may be emailed to [email protected] or [email protected] with the subject line: Attn: Camp Sequoia Summer Camp CIT Application.

CIT Application Form

Additional CIT Information and Policies

For questions, please contact Jillian Cleveland, Blithewold Registrar, at (401) 253-2707 ext. 15 or Liz Ripley, Blithewold Administrative Assistant, at (401) 253-2707, or email either of the above addresses.