Be a CIT

This Counselor-in-Training program is a fantastic, leadership-building experience for those who may be interested in learning to become effective and talented counselors.

Learn to be a leader!

The CIT program is designed for those who are interested in expanding their leadership skills by learning how to work with elementary school aged children. We look to have four CITs per week to ensure they each get to work closely with the campers and have as much interaction with the environment as possible. The CIT position provides an expertise learning experience where they will observe camp staff on how to become an effective counselor. While participating in all games and activities at camp the CITs will act as a role model for all the campers. The CITs will always be supervised by the camp staff and will not be left alone with the children.

Program Requirements: Participants have to be between the ages of 12-15. Some previous camp experience is preferred but is not required. CITs must be available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:15 pm. There will also be a required CIT orientation the Saturday before the first cna,p week begins. Participants should be responsible, creative, and dedicated individuals with a sincere interest in working with children.

Fee: The fee is $65 per week. It demonstrates commitment to the program and covers the cost of materials provided during orientation. The fee must be paid throught he link that you will be provided after the acceptance of your application. If you are unable to fulfill any of your chosen sessions, you will have that week’s fee returned to you.

Daily CIT Responsibilities

  • Lead a small group of 5 campers in crafts inside the camp space
  • Model how to follow directions for the campers
  • Participate in every camp activity
  • Assist in whole group activities be reinforcing camo rules when needed
  • Aid with camp chores at the end of the day (ex. Cleaning, restocking supplies, setting up for the next day)

Weekly CIT Responsibilities

  • Create a CIT Surprise activity to be executed on the last day of the camp week
  • Promote the community service project selected for the month but handing out flyers are leading the campers in the activity associated with it
  • Observe and ask questions to camp staff about leadership or working with children

CIT Program Outcomes

  • Successfully execute an activity at the end of the week
  • Complete two community service projects during the summer
  • Gain leadership skills
  • Create memories and meet new people
  • Engage in an experimental learning experience

CIT Registration

Click below to start the application process. We prefer CIT to be available to attend for 2 or more weeks.

The completed form may be emailed to Casey Motta at [email protected] with the subject line: Attn: Camp Sequoia Summer Camp CIT Application.

CIT Application Form

Additional CIT Information and Policies

For questions, please contact Casey Motta, Head Counselor, at [email protected], or Jillian Cleveland, Blithewold Registrar, at [email protected]