Marjorie Lyon with her husband George, after a motoring accident.


Just home from the hospital, after those “ops,”

I have to admit it, I needed my “props”!

(Sunglass and visor, my stool and my stick)

They really were useful and helped turn the trick.

But now that I’m better and feeling quite strong,

I’m filled with annoyance to hear that old song

“Here’s your stool, where’s your stick?

As I struggle along.


I feel independent, but cannot contrive

To escape that old song “Here’s your stool, Where’s your stick?”

Right into a wheelchair they’ll force me to dive

I can’t struggle long!

And later they’ll mutter, when all’s done and said,

“Oh dear, you are failing – quick here is your bed.”

Then lo as the distance is beginning to loom

Comes a voice with a question “Just where is your tomb?”


M. Lyon

Sept 12 1966