Sad news

I’m very sorry to have to report that Ginkgo Jr., Blithewold’s fledgling red-tailed hawk died this week. Veterinarians at The Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island treated him for a traumatic head injury which left him permanently blind in one eye and unable to eat solid food. Because he would never have been able to fend for himself and because a lifetime of tube feeding is not a stress-free option for any animal in captivity, a difficult decision was made. I am certain that he received the very best care, that all of the options were thoughtfully weighed, and remain so grateful to everyone who was involved in his rescue.

I hope Ginkgo Jr. is cruising the heavenly thermals with all of the awesome grace and dignity of his species restored; and that his parents, Rose and Ginkgo Sr., will continue to call Blithewold home and go on to rear many more chicks here.