Shorefortened -I mean foreshortened!- Friday

horizonless bay 10-5-07
Today dawned damp and foggy. Whenever the air and water temperatures duke it out, we get horizonless vistas, amplified sounds and a glimpse of the world wide spiderwebs — rather than obliviously crashing into spidy infrastructure, this morning we could see all of the guy wires and danced the limbo through the wide spiderweb

We’re getting on with the move in because even with warm nights continuing in the forecast it’s a good idea to at least start thinking about bringing plants in.Succulents on the move
Remember how you gently weaned your houseplants to the outdoors last spring? They want that love in the fall too – bringing them some cold day into an already heated house could be a little shocking! Gail and I are starting with the succulents. In the greenhouse, the temperature climbs to the 90’s on a sunny day, and because there’s nothing much in there for us to water yet, the humidity stays pretty low. Our tender succulents will much prefer to bake a few extra days in the hot dryish than sit in the cool damp of day starts and stops lately – they should be shocked into thrive with the change.

As we load plants to carts, we groom them and set any aside that are in desparate need of repotting or special t.l.c. – This is another reason we plan ahead and stick to our schedule regardless of the weather – it takes time and it’s an important step for anyone bringing houseplants back inside for the season. Check for bugs and treat them; take off scrunky leaves, and repot! This mother bromeliad had several children and -poor rootbound thing- was launching herself out of her pot. With some of the kids detatched and a brand new house, she already looks less suicidal!Dyckia x ‘Red Ripper’ repotted

I think this might be a good long weekend to tend to your soon-to-be indoor garden. I’m on my way home and have every intention of taking my own advice! What will you do this weekend?