Thanksgiving Poem by Marjorie Lyon, November 1959

Marjorie entertaining in the Dining room, November 1965

Marjorie entertaining in the Dining Room, November 1965

Sixteen at the table this Thanksgiving Day!

A cause for rejoicing old Auntie would say!

There’s Margie whose flute in an orchestra blows

And Auntie whose pictures are accepted at shows.

Augustine who excels both with gardens & Fairs

And whose cooking to criticize just no one dares!

Louise Baby-sitter of Bristol renown

Who sits for the biggest dog of the Town.

Agnes whose violets bloom all year round

And to whose horticulture no equal is found.

Halsey is famous at old M.I.T.

And crews for Defenders all over the sea.

David whose job seems to be in the air

Between Arizona California New York & elsewhere.

Lois who drives the big Chrysler with care

But all on the road just better beware!

Ian whose prowess with guns & with rods

Provides us with tidbits just fit for the Gods!

And then seven children ages 9 down to one

Who keep us stirred up till the poetry’s done.