The right idea

Anyone out and about today in this part of the world knows it’s a glorious day (condolences for anyone stuck indoors). And anyone who’s out and about at Blithewold today knows this is absolutely the place to be. Here’s a taste for any of you who can’t be here and a pre-weekend update for all who are thinking of making the trip:

(As always, hover over images for the caption or click on them for a larger view)

Visitors from Jamestown walking through the Bosquet

The cherry in the Water Garden - ready to openPrunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ - Higan cherry/Autumn blooming cherry in spring bloom in the Rose Garden

Winter Hazel - Corylopsis glabrescens ‘Longwood Chime’ in the Water Garden starting to bust out of bud

Visitors wading through a sea of daffs in the Bosquet

Daff cam 4-18-08

Have a fabulous spring weekend and hope to see you here!