Up cloche

up cloche and personalThe other day Gail brought in the new terrarium book  – which happens to be called The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature by Tovah Martin.  I haven’t read a word of it yet but Kindra Clineff’s photos set off a whole new lust in me.  I will just have to figure out a way to make room in my house for more plants under glass…  Meanwhile, Gail also brought in her cloche collection with the idea of decorating the mansion’s dining room table for a photo shoot on Monday. So yesterday we spent a little of the energy born from inspiration working on new terrariums.  (I want to keep them!)

Because these are meant to be temporary displays we played a little fast and loose with the plant material.  The ferns are just fronds tucked in soaked oasis wrapped in plastic – Gail has performed this trick in the past and says the fronds will last a good 3 weeks.  The campanula, pansies and alyssum are planted (jammed) in potting soil and should last a week or so – maybe longer with decent light, cool temperatures and grooming.  The moss and cuttings of baby’s tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) tucked in around the plants would probably last much longer.

cloche to my heartcloche encounter

There must be something about putting plants and things under or within glass that precious-ifies them.  Maybe it’s like a frame around a painting – it turns them into objet d’arte and definitely makes me want to go in for a closer look.  Have you seen the new terrarium book yet?  Are you inspired?  (Wouldn’t these make the best Easter decorations – à la Martha?)