Wake-up call

I heard a collective groan go out as the groundhog’s prediction was announced and I joined right in. We have certainly endured more unpleasantly frigid weather this winter than seems tolerable or normal. But I also heard a wake-up call and am trying really hard not to hit the snooze button. We gardeners know six more weeks is nothing and will go by in a blink. The sun (when it’s out) is already higher in the sky. — The greenhouse vents started opening this week. The earliest flowers are opening. Flocks of robins are in the privet. The seed orders are in.

There’s barely enough time left to put finishing touches on our plans for the growing season before we’ll start to implement them. Barely enough time to enjoy winter’s stark loveliness before spring ushers in a technicolor summer. I know I have already posted plenty of gratuitous snow pictures but winter is strutting its stuff again and Monday’s snowfall demanded appreciation. (Today’s snowfall is already a slushy mess.) I promise to link back to this chilly-toes post during summer’s sweatiest heatwave — I know by then it really will seem like winter was over in a flash.

Are you ready to move on from winter? –Ready or not, stay tuned for Dan’s rallying cry!