Week Seven, Day Five: The Last Day of Camp

The last day of camp is always bittersweet. We started the morning making pinwheels. Then we got ready to go outside before the rain shower started. In the Rose Garden, the campers had a snack before we went to the Great Lawn for some time to run around. Then, we walked to camp to kick off our end-of-summer celebration with an indoor carnival. The campers played a toy car race, basketball, ball toss, and had a Photo Booth. After the carnival, the campers each got their own container of play dough, and they decided to create a project together. Then, we were able to go outside for lunch and free play. The campers had a special surprise after lunch. We made our ice cream! We used the baggie method and shook the bags. Some campers had better ice cream than others, but they all enjoyed the treat. We handed out our last set of camp awards and had our last campfire. Camp went by so fast this year, but everyone has a summer full of memories to look back on from 2023. See our last set of photos for the summer!