Week Six, Day Four: Frog Finders

Today started with the campers making kind cards for people in nursing homes as their morning craft. It was a part of the CITs community service project. Then we got ready to go outside to play Sardines at the Frog Pond. While they were snacking, the campers found two different frogs on opposite sides of the frog pond, and these were some of the first frog spottings we have had this year. Next, we walked to camp and had one more activity before lunch; a Pokemon version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The campers chose partners, and one got blindfolded, while the other had to guide the blindfolded camper. They taped the Pokeball as close to the target on the poster. After that, the campers enjoyed lunch and free play. After everybody finished eating, we set up the splash pad in the yard. That brought us to the end of the day, when everybody got packed up, drew in their journals, and told their favorite part of the day over the campfire. Don’t forget to dress up for outer space day tomorrow! See the pictures from today!