Week Six, Day One: Living the Dream

A cooler day! We started our Monday with our routine of introductions and going over rules. Then we went outside to play in the Rose Garden. The campers have been coming up with their own games to play over the past two weeks. Then we all played the clip game together, where the campers had to use their eyes to find a small clip. After that, we headed back to camp to talk about our dream jobs in groups. The Van Wickle family all pursued their dreams of jobs, so we talked about what they were with the campers. The campers drew and wrote about what they wanted to be when they grow up. Next, we had lunch and free play before going to the mansion. The campers had a lot of fun learning about the family during the tour. Finally, we came back to camp for campfire and to play outside before being picked up. Stay tuned for our art project with Ms. Joanne tomorrow. See pictures from today!