Week Three, Day Five: Land of Make Believe Day

Magic was in the air! The campers we all dressed in beautiful costumes today. They discovered the special surprise that the counselors had dyed their hair! Our original plan was to go and visit the veggie garden, but with the heat, we decided to go for a walk in the shade. Our walk was interrupted by a special person at Blithewold, Silver Mist the Fairy! She guided us through a magical creature walk all around the grounds to learn about each one of her friends. We ended at the beach, where the tide was finally low enough to dip our feet in the water. After some beach time, we went back to camp for lunch. In the afternoon, the campers made magical slime and wrote thank you notes to the fairy. We cooled off with some water play before ending our day with awards. We will be halfway through camp next week! Find out what magic went on today below!