Week Three, Day Three: Filling the Buckets

The heat has begun, but the campers had a good time! We started the day by making handprint cacti. Then we spent a long time at the Frog Pond and Rock Garden to play the game Sardines. After that, we went back to camp and learned about recycling. The campers had to sort items for trash and recycling bins. They worked together and then shared with all the campers what they put in their trash and recycling bins. Next, we had lunch and got changed for water games. We did a quick coloring page in betweeen to cool off before going back outside. We played two different water relays today. The first game was a bucket-filling relay, and the second was a water balloon toss. The campers then had free play in the water. The counselors and CITs had a lot of fun in the water too! We have another special guest tomorrow. See the pictures from today!