Week Two, Day Five: Safari Day

The campers were wild with safari day! We started the day by making safari hats. Then we went to the vegetable garden. One group met Julia, Ollie, and Betsy to give us a tour. The other were led by the CITs for their special activity for the week. Then the groups switched. The campers had so much fun talking about their gardens at home and asking questions about the garden at Blithewold. Next, we journeyed back to camp to play a safari game called The Waterhole. The campers were in teams based on different safari animals. After lunch, we went on a safari and had to complete various challenges. Each challenge had a fact, and then the campers did an activity that went along with the fact. At the end of the day, we gave out awards and had the last campfire of the week. We can not believe it will already be week three on Monday. See if you can spot the campers in the safari below!