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Froggy Morning

On a hunt for my missing camera this morning (“have you seen it?!”, I asked the birds. “To weetle weetle weetle”, said the birds.), I cruised through the Bosquet past nearly done daffs and wide-eyed … Read more.

beautiful chaos

Looking around the potting shed there are piles of to-do lists masquerading as debris, an open container of cookies, a variety of hand tools, filthy gloves, plants in various states of need, open books, unwashed … Read more.

Pride of ownership

For weeks, Gail and I have been staring at our newest bed in the Display Garden like nervous painters in front of a blank canvas. There’s something about a “tabula rasa” that can be just … Read more.

To Do: slow down – fast!

Spring in New England gets going in a big hurry and it seems to induce a mad mad rush to get-it-done-now-! in all of us. But now is also the time to slow down, savor … Read more.

Thursday (feels like Friday)

Is it really only Thursday?! We’ve been busy busy busy. The Tuesday crew (a very photogenic bunch – they’re the only ones I have pictures of!) had a varied morning – first they un-planted one … Read more.

The fountain

A reader asked if the fountain in yesterday’s picture was a new feature and I thought it would be fun to show that it’s actually almost older than time (at least by the looks of … Read more.