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Green Thoughts

That could have been the title of my autobiography but instead it’s the title of Eleanor Perenyi’s book of assorted alphebetized essays on gardening and this months selection for the Garden Blogger’s Book Club (graciously … Read more.

Decorating the holidays

  I have to diverge from my usual “Blithewold Gardens” theme for just a moment this rainy day to mention “Christmas at Blithewold“. Raise your hand if you finished your gift shopping in July and … Read more.

Thankful for leaves

For Fred and Dan, leaf cleanup on the property must feel about as futile as vacuuming a cat. They were collecting leaves this breezy morning in the same places they’ve been cleaning up for weeks … Read more.

Mid-November ramble

It’s garden bloggers’ bloom day and I’m distracted from blooms! Not a day went by this summer when I didn’t try to see up the skirt of a bloom with the macro setting on the … Read more.

Cynara cardunculus (or What to do with a cardoon)

We planted a lot of cardoons this year. A lot. And now that the season is done, Julie (who doesn’t love giant horsey things in the garden – especially when they’re everywhere flopping big leaves … Read more.

To-do(ne) list

Is it long winter’s naptime yet? I’m bushed tuckered pasted wasted fried asleep on my feet! The gardens are done. Pretty much. Mostly! And we can cross more off of Gail’s to-do list. Yesterday the … Read more.

Hoarding color

I have this unreasonable – not dread exactly – worry maybe about the approach of winter. I have to keep reminding myself that there are still colors in the winter. I will find them… I … Read more.


  Were you ever scolded as a child -or do you scold your own children- for making a mess? The answer for most of us is probably “you bet”. I submit though that it’s in … Read more.

Putting the beds to bed

Fall garden clean-up is the subject of the week all over the world wide interweb! A conversation was started at Bliss over the merits of putting off the major clean-up until spring. Wildlife certainly benefits … Read more.