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The house is full of ghosts today With happy going to and fro – They swim and sing and laugh and play This joyous group from years ago. Aunt Bessie and the Commodore Two dear … Read more.

Rearranging the furniture

Gail and I look at the North Garden all summer with very critical eyes and every year by this time we’re like discontented apartment dwellers – desperate to clear the clutter and rearrange the furniture. … Read more.

Fall feast

It might all be eye candy but it’s delicious outside!  Yesterday was one of those amazing, quintessentially New England, fall days – cloudless cerulean sky framing the blazing end of the earth’s color spectrum – … Read more.

Jack’s back

Mother Nature must have kicked Jack Frost out of bed this morning because he came by bright and early to nip our roses (and a few noses and other posies).  Gail and I tried to … Read more.

Cutting Garden new year’s day

The William F. and M. Kathleen Church Cutting Garden (I love using its whole name) went full circle yesterday – from spring’s tulips to spring’s tulips.  Last Tuesday, after cutting buckets of bouquets from the … Read more.

Beware the Asian Longhorned Beetle

This is truly the stuff horror films and nightmares are made of:  Last week the RI Department of Environmental Management released a report that the presence of Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) larva was suspected in … Read more.

Mid October Bloom Day

A few typical October flowers opened just in time for bloom day today so without further ado, here are the Chrysanthemums or are they Dendranthema?  Whatever their name is, the ‘Sheffield Pink’ (left) never fails … Read more.

Seed catalog

I don’t seem to have a lot to say at the end of this busy week (I think all of my word energy must have gone into writing lists – hey, maybe that’s why I … Read more.

Write a list

I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing lists.  Even though I carry a notepad with me at almost all times I apparently find every excuse not to write in it.  (Usually it’s for lack … Read more.

Feeling bubbly

I always thought that bubble wrap was for protecting precious cargo or more importantly, for obsessive bubble popping sessions but it turns out that it is also an excellent insulator for glass houses – if … Read more.