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Along the Garden Path

Garden Rebound The drenching rain and the cooler temperatures are just what the gardens wanted.  Some flowering plants are re-blooming and others are just starting.  Many of the late season flowers are triggered to bloom … Read more.

Shared History

At the end of August 2018, on a beautiful sunny day, two Pardee cousins got together at Blithewold to reminisce about ninety years of shared history. Marjorie Jeffries is the granddaughter of Bessie Pardee Van … Read more.

Inspiration, Perspiration, Reflection

Nostalgia swirls in the September air like leaves on a breeze. Maybe it’s the back-to-school vibes that are forever in my heart or maybe it’s the cooler air and darkening days – whatever the cause, I … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

September’s Charm Each week of September has its own charm. Towards the end of September, a garden walk reveals many floral discoveries for shrubs, perennials and annuals. They all mix together exuberantly for a late-season … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

A Changing Atmosphere in the Gardens The changes in temperature, moisture and light have created a more relaxed mood in the gardens. As the season progresses, plant characteristics become increasingly obvious. Taller plants start to … Read more.

September Sage

If you have been an avid reader of this blog, you may recall that September is my favorite month in the gardens. The weather still has a hint of summer, but with (slightly) cooler temperatures; … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

In Good Company It’s rewarding to create a garden with plants that keep good company with each other.   Just like a good friendship, combinations of plants should work well together:  harmonizing in colors, sharing space … Read more.

The First Pardee Family Reunion

Bessie Pardee Van Wickle McKee was the twelfth of Ario Pardee’s 15 children. She was raised in a large mansion in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, as a strict Presbyterian with strong family values. The Pardee children remained … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Heat Lovers and Container Plants It is official, August 2018 was the hottest August on record. As I walk along viewing the gardens I’m impressed that there are plants that appreciate the high heat and … Read more.

Unstoppable Summer Blooms

It’s been yet another hot week here in Rhode Island! I tend to prefer the heat to the cold but this is really testing my limits. Luckily, the flowers don’t seem to mind (although they … Read more.