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fall spectacular

There’s been a flurry of bulb-planting activity here the past few weeks. Fall is like a mirror image of spring for a gardener. Everything you worked so hard to create is taken apart and put … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Nature’s Beauties Great and Small   A walk along the garden path this time of year will have your gaze upwards instead of at garden eye level.  The peaking fall foliage of specimen trees on … Read more.

Captain George A. Lyon

George Lyon was a captain in World War I. In July 1918, as he waited for orders to Europe, he wrote a touching letter to his wife, Marjorie, “…a farewell note to tell you how … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Autumn Light, Bird Calls, Unearthing Toads Two perennial late-blooming favorites, Chrysanthemum ‘Hillside Sheffield Pink’ and Aster ageratoides ‘Ezo Murasaki’, are taking the cool weather in stride. Their flowers stand out in the sparse gardens and … Read more.

The Wait

When October turns the corner towards Halloween, I feel The Wait begin. Frost is on the horizon. Some parts of Rhode Island have had frost in the last week. Blithewold is in one of the … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Gardener’s Optimism, a Cereus Surprise and Metasequoia Flowers What a difference a week makes! After hauling in the greenhouse plants on a warm, humid day, we now have a chill in the air and frost … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Autumn Sights, Scents and Sounds The walk around the gardens this week has my senses going in all directions. They’re all still blooming with a colorful assortment of flowers, and their mix of colors, seed … Read more.

An end, a beginning

What a strange and fitting ending to the season this week has been. We return from a holiday to heat and humidity, which then turns sharply into a storm (the outskirts of Hurricane Michael) and … Read more.

Along the Garden Path

Magnificent Monarchs, Asters and Salvias The perennial New England asters (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) are all in glorious full bloom in the Idea Garden. In addition to their colorful visual effect in the garden, they also add … Read more.

Think Pink (and Purple)

I had a recent small obsession with pink. You may notice it in the Rose Garden – particularly with the dahlias. I chose pale pink, hot pink and a few with lavender tones to balance … Read more.