dirty weather

Nor’easters tend to stick around like a tedious dinner guest and this one is definitely over staying its welcome. water garden 4-18-07This week is probably a wash and the ground is still pretty squishy (with rain in the forecast through Thursday, the property might be wellie worthy for days.) Good news is, the rock and water gardens are not completely under water anymore — look at the difference! And just to tantalize you, see how sweet the rock garden is right now! the rock gardenUnfortunately though, the rock and water gardens are off limits to visitors until it dries out a bit (I snuck in – shhhh! don’t tell the guys! – but wait, I work here…). Fred and Dan have done a beautiful job cleaning up the Bosquet – not a twig out of place even after last night’s gale and the Daffodils are so close!! daffs 4-18-07Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be balmy — in the low 60’s – can you stand it?! With the sun out and the daffs peeking (but not quite peaking) it’s bound to be just right for a walk around Blithewold. Plus you might get to see some fine fashion on fellow visitors – rubber shoes and shorts are all-the-rage!

Meanwhile in the greenhouse, Gail and I are fed up to our cotyledons with transplanting. Remember, it’s a good idea when transplanting lanky stretchy things like tomatoes to sink them up to their necks – good roots will grow from the stem.Sungold tomato seedlings