Fresh perspective

The other day when Fred and Dan had the ladder out they invited me up on the north porch roof for a look at the North Garden. I’m a little bit scared of heights and ladders but I would never pass on a chance to see any of our gardens from a fresh perspective.

It’s ironic that even though we tend to draw out garden plans as if from a bird’s eye view (do you do that too?), we rarely get to see it that way as it grows. From up there the tapestry of our intentions is fully revealed. I could also more easily see the quiet places and the gaps in the patterns of colors and textures than when I stand right in front of them. (Knock wood, there were no actual gaps. – Sometimes by this time we’ve had to contend with the disappointment of a tired plant or two or ten…) But even my critical eye thought it looked so pretty I wished everyone could see it that way. And of course, it is possible to see that garden from a little ways back and a tiny bit above – from the north porch steps and railing. It’s actually clear from there that it was – and is – designed to be enjoyed from exactly that spot. (Click on pictures for a better view.)

And if you can’t get above your garden to really see it again the next best thing is to go down low. Yesterday I looked up from a weeding crouch within the display garden and was suddenly amazed at the size of the plants and the beauty of the combinations. It’s not that I can’t see and appreciate the garden it from 5′ or so off the ground but I had sort of stopped noticing, if you know what I mean. But then it is also time for me to go on vacation… It wasn’t until I saw Gail’s reaction to the gardens when she got back from her vacation that I realized again just how necessary time away is at this time of year: I had worked for a while in the Rose Garden on Monday and it barely registered that all of the roses still have healthy leaves AND they are in full June-like bloom again! (It’s July!) Thank goodness Gail came back to point that out. And now it’s my turn. I’m off to gain some even fresher perspective and hope to see you back here too in a couple of weeks.

Are you still noticing your garden’s gorgeousness?